“When taking a picture of a person, I focus not too much on shooting that person, rather on capturing the mood that currently exists between me and the model.”
I was born in Baden-Baden, Germany. In addition to my studies as a communication designer I earned some money in an atelier as an assistant to three photographers. I was allowed to use the studio for my own projects. Since then I mainly photograph people.

Because i lived many years in Barcelona and was traveling through Asia and South America for some years, i met a lot of people.
The most beautiful and interesting people i needed to keep in my photographs. The feedback from the people kept me going on and I realized that people liked to open up to me.
Nude photography is a personal challenge for me, as this is probably the most difficult kind of photography.

My daily work in a Hamburg adverstising agency, however, consists of animation programming, the development of web- and mobile applications and product photo shootings. I usually use the weekends and vacations to take pictures.

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International CEWE Photo Award 2019
1st place in the Category Sport

Gold Medal DVF Deutscher Verband für Fotografie

Gold des Verbands Österreichischer Amateurfotografen Vereine


Canon, DJI, GoPro


LYS Teresa Garcia, Isabel Hamburg

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